Well hello there my beautiful people of the world. If you’ve somehow found yourself on this page of the Internet, well done! You made it to my very first, very own website. I can honestly say that I never thought there would be a day where I would be able to say that.

If you’ve been following me at all via the social medias you probably know me as Jackie G, but it’s time for the truth to come out. My name is Jacqueline Racquelle Gronlund, and no I don’t like my middle name. My mom used to yell it in front of all my teammates at my softball tournaments growing up and it drove me nuts. So please, do me a favor and just stick to Jackie G.

Anyway, I grew up in Colorado with two parents, a big sister, a dog that bit me all the time, and a beta fish named Ruby. I actually had like 14 more pets than that but I’ll save you the trouble and keep it at the important ones for now. I collected everything under the sun, had yard sales and dog walking businesses completed with business cards and flyers, and sold rolly pollies door to door. Yes, you read that right; I marketed rolly pollies on the regular. I am who I am.

I played all the sports growing up, but softball was by far the favorite. I played competitively for a while but pretty much knew my career wasn’t going past high school pretty quickly. I just wanted to have fun and make people laugh the whole time, so I ended up doing things like cartwheels while I was supposed to be running laps, or having cereal picnics on the pitcher's mound. I was even told once that I couldn’t play in an upcoming tournament because I fell too much. No hard feelings though, after all I was named MVP of my 4th grade intramurals hockey team so I still had that going for me.

After high school I decided I wanted to move to LA to pursue my dolphin-training dream that I had been telling everyone and their moms about since I was 4. I even went to dolphin camp one time. it was great. However after a few months in LA I ended up working as a personal assistant instead. That job took me on my first tour and introduced me to some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I worked that for about a year and half then moved on and started studying Biblical Theology and Christian Counseling online through this great online school called Trinity Bible College.

After my PA job came to an end, I was in the position to discover what it is that I truly cared about and loved, and what I would like to pursue with my life. That’s when I came up with my online video ministry called ‘Coffee Chats with Jax.’ That’s a place where once a week I create and post video blogs talking about life, Jesus, relationships, and vulnerability. It’s a place where I let my walls down and invite anyone and everyone into my process, and hope to spark conversation and deeper relationships in other’s lives. It’s a place where we celebrate what it means to be a human, flaws and all, and nobody gets to pretend they have it all together.

I moved from LA to Nashville when I was 21 and have been living here ever since. That’s where I took an incredible interest in writing and began and finished my first book titled ‘Be Free’. It’s a personal memoir themed by redemption, and if any of this interests you in the slightest bit feel free to pick up a copy :)

The future as of now for me looks like a lot of travel dreams coming to reality, writing, reading, eating nut butter, and building deeper relationships every single day because that’s, in my opinion, what matters most in life.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day. Go eat a cookie on your way out

With all the love,

Jackie G